Your college experience is like no one else’s…

your college ring should be too !!

We’re thrilled to be officially licensed by Texas Tech and proud to offer you the option to choose from one of our ready to wear designs in Texas Tech jewelry. Or you can experience our completely interactive design center where you can create your perfect ring alongside our Owner/Designer Susan. Not a Red Raider? We also are proud to offer signet and ring designs for Lubbock Christian University, Wayland Baptist University, Eastern New Mexico University, West Texas A&M, and more. Use our no interest, no finance fee, no time limit layaway or bring in your old gold to put towards your new ring.

How much do custom designs cost?

The question we get asked most is “how much does the ring cost?”  If all our designs were the same, that would be an easy question. One of the goals for our Texas Tech/Collegiate program was that each ring should be different – different in style, different in metal choice, and be customized to suit each person so one price doesn’t fit all.  What we can do is give you the starting point – our most affordable design starts at $995, and we will have a starting price for all designs as pictured. Then we can adjust up or down based on changes we make. Most of the time, we’re able to make changes in metal quality or stone choices to fit the ring into your budget. Of course, we can create a completely custom look for you as well!

Variety is the spice of life!

There are a variety of things that affect a ring price.  Your finger size (affects the total gold or silver weight of the mounting), the metal quality (10kt or 14kt gold, Continuum Sterling Silver – price fluctuates due to the precious metals market at the time of order), the number  of stones on the ring (affects the cost of labor to set them), the type of stones (genuine or lab created), the grade of the stones used (especially important in diamonds) and how simple or elaborate the design is.

We want your ring design experience to be special, memorable.  We encourage you to make an appointment to allow us to give you the time you need to design and decide.  We’re happy to meet you at a time that is convenient to your schedule, even if it’s not during store hours.  It’s part of the personal service you receive at our studio – and you’re welcome to bring someone with you to join in the fun!  So, what’s the process…

It’s easy…

Step 1:  Call, email or stop by and make your appointment.  NEW – Virtual design sessions can also be scheduled if you prefer to design with us from your own home.  Feel free to email pictures in advance or bring them with you.  We will always try to accommodate you if you don’t have an appointment, but if we’re working with someone who did, please understand.  Many times it’s a family event and people traveled from out of town to participate in the process.  We have a book you can look through while you wait with pictures of our designs and additional information.

Step 2:  Pick the shape for the top of your ring.  For Texas Tech Double T signet tops, choose oval or round.  For gemstone tops on your Texas Tech Jewelry, choose whatever makes you happy!

Step 3:  Pick the metal quality. We offer a variety of metal qualities for you to choose from.  We can even change the metal color on the big screen as we go so you can see your design in different metal colors and combinations.  We keep your budget in mind and help you find the metal quality that fits your lifestyle and your budget.

Step 4:  Choose your style. Do you know why many people don’t wear their school rings anymore? We’ve asked and they tell us they didn’t really like the style to begin with, but it was the only option available. We’ve solved that problem with our interactive design center.

Not sure what you want?  We make it easy to explore your options.  Take our Style Quiz!  Find out if your style is Classic, Vintage, Minimalist and more.  Or, break all the rules and do something completely unique when creating your very own piece of Texas Tech jewelry.  All ring designing takes place right on our showroom floor so you can participate in every step of the process.  We use CAD software to make your Texas Tech jewelry come alive on the big screen, then use our rendering tools to show you what it will look like when it’s a live piece of jewelry.  We can even order a 3D printed sample for you.

Most Texas Tech jewelry designs can be completed in 3-4 weeks, but we also offer ready to wear designs like the ones below.  Check back often, because we’re always adding to our design portfolio.  Metal qualities include yellow, white or rose gold, sterling or continuum sterling silver, palladium, and platinum. 

Texas Tech Vintage Inspiration Ring

June 1, 2018

Texas Tech Ring Red Raider Spirit

April 8, 2018

Texas Tech Open Mind Ring

March 31, 2018

Texas Tech Ladies Ring Triple Band

March 9, 2018

Texas Tech Big and Bold Saddle Ring

March 9, 2018

Texas Tech Ring Ladies Halo with a Twist

March 9, 2018

Texas Tech Ring Classic Elegance

March 9, 2018

Texas Tech Architectural Inspiration Vintage Ladies Ring

March 9, 2018

Texas Tech Rose Gold Vintage Halo Ladies Ring

March 9, 2018

Texas Tech Triple Band with Gemstones in Silver

March 9, 2018

Texas Tech Ladies Ring “The Journey”

March 9, 2018

Texas Tech Star-lit Rope Ladies Ring

March 9, 2018

Texas Tech Roper Ladies Ring

March 9, 2018

Texas Tech Simple Sophistication Ring

March 9, 2018

Texas Tech Delicate Scrolls Ladies Ring

March 9, 2018

Texas Tech Solid Foundations Ladies Ring

March 9, 2018

Texas Tech Fearless Men’s Ring

March 9, 2018

Texas Tech Graduate Ring

March 9, 2018