There’s Just No Good Reason For An Ugly Diamond

Not all diamonds are created equal, even in the same grade.

Ugly diamonds are real.

Ask any person to give an adjective to describe a diamond and likely you’ll come up with these as the top 3:  Sparkly, Clear and Expensive.  The truth of the matter is that not every diamond is sparkly, but one thing is for sure…if it’s clear and sparkly, it’s more expensive.  The other truth….not everyone can afford it, but everyone wants something that sparkles.  In 2018  there is more than one way to make that happen.  So here’s my 2 bitcoins….

First things first.  Why does anyone buy a gemstone?    Answer:  Because they find it pretty.  It really is that simple.  Historically, when I would see pictures in magazines or in online diamond ads, they would look clear as a cold winter sky.  A clean, crystal ice kind of clear that sparkles like the sun dancing on water.  So naturally, that’s what I would expect to see and be able to buy when I go shopping.   I for sure wouldn’t picture it with black or brown dots, or crystals, or feathers, or for it to look yellow, especially not on the top view; but that’s the reality of what’s out there to purchase within certain price ranges.   I was disappointed.

I mean, if it takes $15,000 or more to get a clean, sparkly diamond, you also should be able to put tires on it and drive it.

When I was getting engaged the second time, I wanted a clean, clear sparkly stone that was larger.  I didn’t own a jewelry store then, so I really had no idea about the cost of what I wanted.  Back then, you had to go to a store to find out what a diamond cost, and when I went to do some advance scouting….wow.  Nothing that fit my picture of a diamond in a range that made sense for us.

So I started looking at diamond alternatives (my idea, not his) so I could get the clarity, size and sparkle I wanted.   It was a tough sell – my fiance asked me more than once if I was sure…he felt like he was cheating me.  He would absolutely have purchased whatever made my heart sing.  But I was going to handle the finances in our relationship and I made my decision based on what made sense for our life; not what the world said was a proper engagement ring.  I stuck to my decision, and I’ve never regretted it. I chose (key word) a clear, sparkly, big-as-I-wanted non-diamond gemstone in 14kt gold that was paid in full before the wedding – I didn’t settle for one instead of a diamond.

Millennials get it.

Fast forward to today, and I have the pleasure of doing custom design work for lots of young couples, and lots of second time brides.  I have learned a lot from my millennial customers and give huge props to them (and all independent thinkers before them) that analyzed their life situation (college debt, car loans, lack of credit, kids, etc.) when considering their choice to symbolize their commitment .  This exciting generation of individuals is more globally and ecologically aware, more open minded, and have said loud and clear that engagement rings do not have to be diamonds.  They consider what makes sense for them, not what other people think is right.

They want to honor tradition in their own way.

Even more important, they support each other’s decisions without judgment even if it’s different from theirs.   One more important distinction…THEY SHARE.  They tell each other with the true intention of helping each other.  They blog it, YouTube it, Instagram it, Pinterest it, with the hopes that it will help or influence someone else to consider it.  Huge kudos to them for that too.

Today’s brides and grooms are well educated and juggling debt, and know that it makes more sense to pay down the debt and save on interest, or put the money aside for something else. They are considering their options …and whether they choose genuine diamonds, lab created diamonds, moissanite, CZs or any other gemstone of their liking, they know that it’s genuine LOVE and being in it together that’s important, and the rest is negotiable.  Here’s the hard truth…many are children of divorce, and they know unequivocally that diamonds don’t keep people together.

Let’s just say it because it’s my observed fact….there are plenty of ugly diamonds on the market, and many brides and grooms do settle for less than their ideal diamond either in size or grade because of budget constraints.  There’s just no reason for that in 2018.

Bottom line:  Don’t settle for an ugly diamond, because it won’t get prettier with time.  Choose a beautiful alternative if that’s what makes sense for you.

Here’s some food for thought.  Clear, sparkly diamonds are not within everyone’s reach…but custom design is available to everyone, and any tech savvy jeweler worth their salt can make a custom ring for someone with CAD that is uniquely theirs, and that fits a reasonable budget; and by reasonable I mean 3-4 digits, not 5.

Your love is unique, and your ring should be too.  It makes all the sense in the universe to make an investment in a custom design now, and choose an alternative gorgeous sparkle or a special colored stone that fits the budget.  It can be designed so that the gemstone shape and size can be changed later because you can buy a certified, serialized, ethically sourced diamond with us at any time if you like.  I show my customers what their design would look like with different shapes on a big screen TV.  Dreams become visual reality.

The technology of lab created gemstones in this day and age is stellar, and it makes sense to explore your options before deciding.  I make a point to offer all my brides and grooms the full range of options genuine or lab created and let them decide.  We don’t use the F word or the C word – Fake or Cheap, when discussing diamond alternatives.  We choose only the best to stand toe-to-toe with the grade and cut of genuine diamonds so they know they are free to choose their sparkle.  Diamond alternatives are authentically stunning, and I will do my part to be there for them to support it in the future.

Diamond, lab created gemstone, colored gemstone – whatever makes you draw in your breathe it the right sparkle for you.  You have the right to CHOOSE.

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