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We offer unique men’s rings that breaks tradition for all the right reasons. A new tradition that celebrates individuality.

Our world today demands fearlessness; the desire to solve problems and determination to see it through. You will make the world a better place! Fearless champions always do.

Fearless seemed the most appropriate name for this design. Quite a departure from the typical design. We honor the Texas Tech Double T tradition for the center of the signet, which is available in round or oval. The base of the ring offers a smooth, sleek profile with just enough gemstone accent to draw attention to the center.

With this design, we are able to modify the inside of the shank to make the ring heavier or lighter. Or, we can also further customize the wide of the band based on your choice of either a round or oval signet shape. The size of the gemstones accenting the signet on either side can also be customized both in size and color.

Red Raider or not, we are proud to offer all of our signet choices in this ring design.

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