Custom Jewelry Design by Royal Hummingbird Studio

Located Inside of Diamontrigue of Lubbock

Bridal Rings and Wedding Bands

Your love and life story is unique… your ring should be too.  We are a 100% Judgement Free Zone. 

What does that mean?  It means that couples are making important financial decisions like this together more and more based on a variety of factors – student loans, housing options, kids, etc.  and often set the budget together based on what makes sense for THEM. 

It means there are no rules in bridal style anymore and people are thinking outside the box more than ever.  It means you are free to choose our Premium Diamontrigue CZ, Charles & Colvard Moissanite, Lab Grown Diamonds, Mined Diamonds or Colored Gemstones as the expression of your love.

It means it’s our pleasure is to help you find the gemstone option of YOUR dreams that meets your needs –  not anyone else’s – and be here to find you the absolute best of all the options for you.

Collegiate Rings and Pendants

Our Official Licensed Collegiate Jewelry Collection has designs ranging from classic styles to wearable art and everywhere in between.

In a time where you can customize everything from your phone to your sneakers, something as special as your Texas Tech or Lubbock Christian Ring should absolutely be uniquely yours, and we have the technology to make that happen!

Most rings are delivered in 3-5 weeks!

More details on our Collegiate page.

How Our Custom Jewelry Design Center Works:


Bring in your ideas - In person or Virtual!

We offer a 1-hour sit-down design appointment with our designer, Susan DeVore.

Don't live in town, or are you not able to visit in person? No worries! Our designer can set up a VIRTUAL design session! Send us an email, and we'll send you a link to join Susan on her design system from your home! All you need is a laptop, desktop or tablet and an internet connection.

Whether in person or virtual, you can make your dream ring a reality at no additional cost!

Contact Us to book your appointment.


Take Our Style Quiz

We can create a design based on your inspirations or style preferences to create your one-of-kind original piece.

Don’t know what you want? Take our Design Quiz to identify your primary and secondary design aesthetic, and we’ll go from there!


Choose Ring Size, Metal Quality and Stone Types

We will figure your ring size during the design process, deciding on metal quality, stone type, and carat size.

Are you looking at colored gemstones? No worries, We’ll order in colored gems for your review.

Have gold jewelry you don’t wear? Bring in your gold, and we can give you a melted gold credit to apply to your ring cost.


Finalization, Quote and Final Renders

Once the design is finalized and approved, we will submit it to our manufacturer for a quote and final renders of your design.

Due to fluctuations in the gold market, we will keep your quote on file for 30 days.

If you decide after 30 days, a new quote will have to be submitted because prices are subject to the gold market at the time.

When you decide to move forward, you'll sign a Custom Design Quote Agreement and place a required down payment of 50% of the total cost of your custom piece.

*A client may request a 3D printed wax of a design for an additional fee.


Your Custom Designed is Ready!

Once the custom design arrives at the store, Susan will inspect it for any manufacturing defects.

When the design passes the inspection, a call will be made to you for pick up!

*Custom designs are typically ready within 3-4 weeks from the time the deposit is paid.

View our Custom Designs Portfolio

As bridal styles change, many couples opt for alternatives to diamonds for their wedding rings, such as Moissanite, Lab-Grown Diamonds, or Color Gemstones.

Check out our portfolio of previous designs done with alternative stones.