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Jewelers Mutual Group – JM Care Plan

Royal Hummingbird is proud to partner with Jewelers Mutual Group. As a partner, Royal Hummingbird can now offer the JM Care Plan for all new purchases of Fine Jewelry. JM Care Plans allows clients to opt-in on a * 3-year or Lifetime Warranty. Broken prong, Resizing, Rhodium Plating, and Cracked or Chipped Stones are just some of the jewelry repairs covered under BOTH care plan options.

JM Care Plan is an excellent and affordable option for covering things that happen to jewelry with no other out-of-pocket expense! You can now wear your fine, one-of-a-kind jewelry piece with peace of mind and enjoy the sparkle!

Jewelers Mutual Group Care Plan
Jewelers Mutual Group Care Plan
JM Care Plan
Jewelers Mutual Group Care Plan

Why do you need a Care Plan?

Let me tell you, we’ve seen some things, and we’ve got the before and after pictures to prove it…..
When you get a new piece of jewelry, you love it so much you never want to take it off, which would seem like a compliment, right? True, it is, but if your jewelry could talk, it would ask you to remove it as soon as you come home! In fact, a good rule of thumb is jewelry should be the first thing you take off when you get home and the last thing you put on before you leave the house. Ideal habit, but sometimes we forget.

What is covered under the Care Plan?

Unintended damage happens with everyday life – even in office settings (file cabinets, anyone?). Like most things, attending to little things before they become big things is important. Care Plans help you do that! When you purchase a Care Plan on your new jewelry, you’ll never have to ask yourself, “well, the car needs an unexpected repair, and so does my ring, so which should I do?” Available in 3-year and Lifetime options, the Care Plan would cover the cost of most repairs, including sizing, stone replacement, re-dipping, etc., without any additional out-of-pocket expense. In fact, most repairs needed are covered up to the purchase price of your jewelry.

Notice a bent prong on your ring? Fixing a bent prong is better than losing your diamond, and with the Care Plan, you’re covered, so there is no need to put it off! Lose a small stone in your ring…covered. White Gold needing cleaning and dip…covered. Break your chain…. covered!

Any required inspections needed to continue Care Plan?

The best part about the JM Care Plan is that no periodic inspections are required to keep your plan in effect, and pricing is based on the purchase price of your jewelry! Also, if you move from our area, we can still take care of your jewelry, and your Care Plan would be in effect, with insured and tracked postage.

What is the best option for you?

You’ll have your jewelry for a long time, so it’s a worthwhile investment! We’ll tell you all about the options when you make your purchase, and you can decide for yourself if a 3-year or Lifetime is best for you.

Jewelers Mutual Care Plan
Jewelers Mutual Group Care Plan

How JM Care Plan Works:

Step 1. Purchase Coverage:

Purchase your JM Care Plan at the same time you purchases your jewelry. Keep your receipt as proof of purchase. You’ll need it if you file a claim.

Step 2. Wear Worry-Free:

You do you, without worry. Rest assured you’re protected from the unexpected.

Step 3. File a Claim:

Contact your jeweler to begin the process. If they aren’t available, JM Mutual will get you stated.

Jewelers Mutual Care Plan Image
Jewelers Mutual Care Plan

“Accidents happen.

Be prepared for what you swear won’t happen to you.”

– Jewelers Mutual Group

*jM Care Plan Only applicable on newly purchased items

*3-Year and Lifetime Care Plan offer coverage based on the total amount of jewelry item