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Jewelry Designs

Now Art meets Technology at Royal Hummingbird, with beautiful results.

CAD – Computer-Aided Design

CAD – Computer Aided Design blends the artist’s gift of creativity into an interactive experience that everyone can participate in – no experience required!  

You’ll sit side by side with our Owner/Designer, Susan, and create your next treasure in 3D, with tools that show you the design in real-life simulation.  

Innovative?  Yes, and the way it ought to be.  

Come and enjoy the Royal Hummingbird experience, and bring a friend!

Design Categories

Have something else in mind you don’t see here? Feel free to call or text us at (806)-745-7522.

Stone Options

We offer a full range of options from CZ to Moissanite to Lab-Grown Diamonds to Mined Diamonds. We are your resource for the pluses and minuses of each stone type… Whatever is right for YOU is our first priority.