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I’m Worth It!

You don’t need a reason to celebrate.

More people (Men and Women alike!) are self-purchasing more than ever before to celebrate their accomplishments and milestones in meaningful, tangible, VISIBLE ways.

Our clients repeatedly tell us things like, “Every time I wear this, I get compliments on it, and it makes me feel so good! When I tell them the story behind why I did it, it gives me that satisfaction over and over. So glad I decided to do it!”

We love to hear the stories – the Why. Not because we’re nosey but because the story inspires creativity and inspires other people to keep reaching for their goals. We are honored to be a part of that journey!

We think you should hear it from those who have done it…and we’ll start with Sarah.

Being a non-traditional student has its ups and downs, and throughout my years in college, I faced many challenges and obstacles. Some led to me having to take semesters off, even years off, which would discourage me more and more. But then, one of my old professors pulled me aside and had a talk with me. That talk with him inspired me to keep pushing and keep pursuing my goal to graduate. And I did! I’m a proud graduate of Texas Tech University Class of 2021!

My time in college has been a winding path, to say the least, and this is why I chose the “Journey” ring as my collegiate ring. The structure of the ring is designed with a spiral of stones that lead up to the TTU signet coin. The spiral represents my experience in college and how things aren’t always straightforward, but with enough determination, the ultimate goal can be reached.

– Sarah