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Sentimental turned Sensational

” I have this jewelry, gemstones my relative gave to me. What are they, and what can I do with them?”

That’s pretty much how a re-purposing project begins. A loved one gave you some jewelry, but it’s a style that isn’t particularly yours, and you want to honor their gift – so re-purposing into a new design is the way to do that!

It’s important to remember these precious pieces had a life before you received them, so we’ll advise you on the condition of the mounting and stones and point out if there are any risks involved. That way, you can make an informed choice and can make the most of your treasure!

Rings into pendants, re-purposing diamonds, and gemstones into a new style – so many possibilities. The person that loved you would want you to wear it! Schedule a complimentary consultation today!

Here are a few of our before and after pieces from over the years!

Beside each image is a snippet of what each client had to say about their re-purposed jewelry.

“My husband Josh and I met at Texas Tech in the music department! We did theatre shows together and still do today! He and I had an instant connection and became best friends so fast! Three years later we got married!!

What was really amazing was when Josh was ready to propose he bought a ring off of Etsy! He thought it was so small when he bought it and was worried it wasn’t enough, so he went to jewelers around town to see if they could add something to the ring to make it bigger. He went by Royal Hummingbird and Susan told him to wait till after the proposal and bring me by so we could make it based off of what I would like! She calmed his nerves and he made sure we went back to get my ring made! We loved it so much that we made a custom necklace to match!

Josh and I are very family oriented and now I get to carry stones from both sides of our family every day “

– Lauren

 10kt yellow gold ring set with opals, pearls, and mined diamonds. 
(client provided diamonds.)
10kt yellow gold ring set with opals, pearls, and mined diamonds.
(client provided diamonds.)
Photography by: @williamsoncreative (Insta) 
@ williamsoncreativephoto (FB)