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Stone Options:

“My responsibility as a Gem Professional, as I see it, is to educate my clients on ALL of the gemstone options available to them for their engagement ring and the differences between them in terms of appearance, durability, and value. 

Once they decide what is right for them, I  source a selection of quality gemstones for them to choose from to make it a comfortable, enjoyable, stress-free experience.” 

–  Susan DeVore, GIA Graduate Gemologist, Owner/Designer

There are no rules in bridal.

Any stone can be an engagement ring. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. 

We offer a full range of options from CZ to Moissanite to Lab-Grown Diamonds to Mined Diamonds. We are your resource for the pluses and minuses of each stone type… Whatever is right for YOU is our first priority.

We are a 100% Judgement Free Zone. Our goal is to educate our clients and allow them to choose the best stone option for them and their lifestyle. We pride ourselves on being no pressure, non-commission jewelry consultants and believe in respecting everyone’s budget.

We offer GIA-certified diamonds and custom diamond searches. Susan is your diamond concierge and has one simple rule: No ugly diamonds.

Your diamond should be as beautiful as all the available diamond alternatives, or you are wasting money. That’s our promise to you. 

What Makes Us Different?

We put the tools in your hands and make it easier for you to find the diamond of your dreams. Every ring design starts with the center stone. We don’t buy diamonds to stock in our store. Why? 

Because then you would be limited to what we chose, and we think you should have more choices than that. Besides, why stock it here when we can have diamonds sent overnight at our request? 

It just makes more sense to us…

Instead, we have an online showcase that enables you to see actual photos and videos of all the diamonds available that meet your criteria. You even have access to the grading reports! 

We’re happy to help you select the criteria (ie. cut, price, grade, color, etc.) that will likely be the best fit for your budget. If you’ve had enough of researching online, we’ll save you the research time and pre-select stones that meet your criteria!

We’ll look at each stone – zoom in on them, look at them in a 360 degree view and see live pricing. Once you find the one (or two or three) you’d like to see, our supplier will overnight it to us for you to see in person. If it’s not the perfect diamond for you, we return it. 

Simple as that…and you haven’t spent any money or time sending diamonds back and forth.