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1.00 ct/I-J Color/I1 Quality/  VERSES  1.07 ct/F Color/VVSI Clarity/Ex Make/Ex Polish/Ex Symmetry
Low Grade Diamond vs. High Graded Diamond

There’s Just No Good Reason for an Ugly Diamond

Ugly diamonds are real. Ask any person to give an adjective to describe a diamond and likely you’ll come up with these as the top 3 responses…

“I’m/She’s/He’s Not a Jewelry Person”

I had a funny experience with a very nice gentleman the other day. While waiting in line, which admittedly, I have trouble doing in silence…

Different Types of Jewelry
Image of Stuller 2022-2023 Jewelry Catalog
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The Real Deal

For as long as I can remember, I have had an unusual ability to remember advertising slogans/commercials.  I can remember commercials I saw on TV or heard on the radio when I was very young…