Jewelry Repair Services

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Workshop manufacture and repair of jewelry
Details of jewelry for reparation, restoration and maintenance

Do We Offer Jewelry Repairs?

Yes, we do. More importantly, we’re a resource for how to take care of your jewelry repair and how to wear it for best results.

While we do not offer repair services on-site, we have worked with the same Master craftsmen and artisans for over 15 years and we trust their skills! We also trust their judgment.

They will tell us when a repair should NOT be done as the piece is simply too worn to be restored without significant expense. 

Sometimes treasured pieces that are broken shouldn’t or can’t be fixed, but instead treasured like you would a piece of fine art or a memento from someone special. Just because a treasure should no longer be worn, it isn’t necessarily destined for a jewelry box drawer!

Jewelry Repairs is are an art form, and every treasure trusted to us for repair is as important as the brand new jewelry we sell. We would argue, even more important because of the sentimental value it holds.

We offer custom design services to re-purpose the gemstones from that piece of jewelry to make it into a new treasure you can wear everyday. 

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